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Class 12 Chemistry Notes

We Provide Comprehensive Chemistry Notes Based on the Latest NEB Curriculum for 2079/80 Class 12 Students on this Site.

Class 12 Chemistry notes (NEB)

General and Physical chemistry

Unit 3: Chemical Kinetics
Unit 4: Thermodynamics
Unit 5: ElectroChemistry

Inorganic Chemistry

Unit 6: Transition Metals
Unit 7: Studies of Heavy Metals

Organic Chemistry

Unit 8: Haloalkanes
Unit 9: Haloarenes
Unit 10: Alcohols
Unit 11: Phenols
Unit 12: Ethers
Unit 13: Aldehydes and Ketones
Unit 14: Carboxylic Acid and its Derivatives
Unit 15: Nitro compounds
Unit 16: Amines
Unit 17: Organometallic Compound

Applied Chemistry

Unit 18: Chemistry in the Service of Mankind
Unit 19: Cement
Unit 20: Paper and Pulp
Unit 21: Nuclear Chemistry and Application of Radioactivity

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